Wushiland Boba Brings the Best of Taiwan to the Pacific Coast

Where there’s high-quality Wushiland Boba tea, there’s a blissful customer excited to take another sip. With our selection right from Taiwan ready to serve, we proudly serve our finest teas throughout Southern California. Our menu is full of unique drinks that are brewed or mixed to perfection. This Taiwanese taste we share includes milk teas, iced teas, macchiatos and more. We strive to deliver a special taste bringing people together across the Pacific.

Our story in North America began at the first store in San Diego in 2016. Wushiland has since reached more people in California through the quality we present. We have continued coming to more locations in San Gabriel and several Westfield shopping centers. Our authentic teas bring the best Taiwanese taste right to your neighborhood.

Primary ingredients including tea leaves are selected from Taiwan and around the world. Our dedication to quality guarantees that every customer enjoys each sip of our drinks. These ingredients are used to brew black, green and oolong tea. We enjoy crafting fresh milk teas, macchiatos and specialty flavored teas with ice cream or honey. Our trusty suppliers from the best local partners are what makes these different flavors possible.

Wushiland has tested each mixture so we can perfect our recipe. We have performed thousands of trials to find the best way to craft our drinks. We pay close attention to every step in the process such as cooking, brewing, blending and temperature control. We pour our hearts into these efforts when we handle each cup of tea with great care. These are the steps we take to create a classic taste that is unforgettable.

The passion in our work is how we make customers a top priority. This builds a community of people who are passionate about Wushiland. We hope memories are shared with loved ones through every sip of our teas. We strive to bring joy to every cup filled with our heartfelt flavors.

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