Storytelling Through an A24 Lens

by Jeremiah Estrada

Minari starring Steven Yeun

A24 breaks that tired mold through their shows and films and makes a mark for representation. The untold stories they hope to bring through their productions offer characters zanier than the last. Each story leaves viewers with their eyes glued to the screen gripping with anticipation of what the next scene brings. Their library of content is known to move the viewer and even bring them to tears through the impact of the storytelling they crafted. A24 gives a new face to entertainment and has taken the right steps in that direction.

A24 takes pride in offering an experience in whichever movie or TV show you choose to consume. Their vast catalog features stories of heartbreak and hope that have left an impression that sits with the viewer time after time. This can include how Everything Everywhere All at Once unveils a tale of family that many children of immigrant parents can relate to or the pure insanity you might feel after the rollercoaster Midsommar takes you on. You can find yourself on that screen or with a fresh taste in your mouth. No one story is the same as another and you can’t guess what they’re going to make next.

Euphoria Season 2 starring Barbie Ferreira, Alexa Demie and Sydney Sweeney
The entertainment they produce is also meant to be from a distinct point of view. This intent is so important when thinking about diversity in the industry. Having more diverse skin colors, identities, stories, anything. This allows more people to see themselves on that screen where the opportunity of feeling represented can be hard to find. A24 gives these unsung heroes a place to shine where there is less room given to them in more mainstream, blockbuster studios. These stories embrace the uniqueness and underdogness that might be found peculiar elsewhere.

A24 strays away from the typical formula of storytelling in a grand way. It can hold up a mirror to our faces or shock us with a sheer out-of-body experience. No matter how scary, tearful or cheery the content may be.